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Carefree Consignment is proud to support many local charities through our on site Giving Room.  Stop by and help support these amazing charities!


We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting health and safety to abused or neglected animals through kindness and integration of the community! For a tour, please call

Denise at 206-898-8420 


A nonprofit organization that provides conscious living programs for holistic career development and transition with real-world choices and experiences that touch the lives of Arizona foster children.

Tierra Madre Horse & Human Sanctuary

Tierra Madre Horse & Human Sanctuary, 501 (c)(3) provides a forever home for 30 neglected, abandoned or abused horses. The magnificent herd of horses who have graced our presence, many coming from lives of abuse and misfortune, are honored, cared for and brought back to health and happiness they may have never known.  The horses in return are the primary healers and facilitators for providing a non-judgmental space for children and adults to realize more productive and fulfilled lives.  Through our specialized programs, we empower individuals to gain a sense of accomplishment and achievement by working with the horses in a variety of non-mounted activities. 

We rely on support from our community and dedicated sponsors to help us provide specialized programs for a variety of  groups including special needs, and children on the autism spectrum to seniors from the local retirement communities, to realize the life changing gifts we all receive through working with our equine partners.

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